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Hair Extensions

Amplify your Style with the Hair Extension Experts on the North Shore!

Our Certified Stylists, Master of Colour, Volume and Length await your call.

We recognise that everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to their hair. At the Hair Boutique we offer many various methods in order for you to find the one that suits your lifestyle and hair. Keep reading for all the different types we use…

Express individuality and refine your style, transform thin hair into enviable volume, cropped hair into cascading and vivacious locks and dull hair into spellbinding colour. Discover a selection of stunning Great Lengths hair extension transformations, whether you’re looking to add thickness, length or colour, real life transformations are here to inspire!

Application Methods

We’ve got what you’re looking for!

Great length hair extensions have been scientifically proven to not cause damage.

Colour & Application

Great Length hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair to enhance and amplify your colour. With over 50 shades available, there’s no doubt we have the perfect shade for you – whether blending with your natural hair or experimenting with balayage or more daring fashion shades, our range comes in every colour you could possibly crave.

Choose from individual bonds to transform your new look for longer, perfect to add thickness, length and colour to naturally enhance your look, blending seamlessly with your own hair.

Or re-style your look temporarily with GL Apps Tape in Extensions, lasting approximately 6 – 8 weeks before needing to be taken out and then repositioned higher.

Russian European Hair

Wear your hair your way! We all have a unique and individual style, and our new Remy Hair is perfect for expressing yours.

Quality hair extensions made for women, by women. The hair is 100% Virgin Remy hair which is ethically sourced and of the highest quality on the market. Thick and luxurious, all the way down, so no stringy ends here.

If you are not after length, then think about volume, add to key areas for hair enhancement, perfect for women with thinning hair who want back what nature has taken away.

Our new Remy Hair, is affordable, quick (taking around 45 minutes to apply for a full head) and easy to maintain.

We offer 2 varieties of application, blend tape best for length and thickness and weave application, applied with silicon micro beads – also best for length and thickness plus no heat or glue is used in either applications.